All clinical assessments in one single solution

CheckWare conducts a comprehensive process in order to obtain formal permissions and to manage all the digital assessments used in the solution. 

We have distribution rights to all clinical, standardised assessments made available in CheckWare. If you need other standardised assessments, we can assist in acquiring permissions.

If you wish to digitise your own forms, questionnaires or surveys, we can develop these as well.

Distribution Rights

CheckWare has distribution rights for more than 1,100 clinical assessments. Our goal is to offer all the measures requested by our customers. It is key for CheckWare to maintain mutually beneficial relationships with the right holders and offer authorised, quality-assured versions of the assessments.

Please contact us regarding available assessments.

Delivery time

We implement copyrighted assessments continuously, but some delivery time may be required. Delivery time will vary and be advised upon ordering.

Please contact for more information.