Digital clinical assessments

CheckWare offers a complete set of digital assessments that help increase the quality of treatment and free up clinical resources.

The digital assessments can be used in any care pathway. With an embedded workflow tool/engine, hospital and clinics can decide who will answer which assessment, in what order and at what time that suits them best.

No matter where the patients are, CheckWare can deliver an individual scored report with health updates to clinicians. Clinicians will have immediate access to clinical reports giving current health status and change over time.

- We call it digital patient involvement. 

CheckWare has digital distribution rights for over 1100 updated and quality-assured psychometric tests, PROMs (patient reported outcome measures) mapping tools. as well as validated interview forms used in all parts of the health sector.

The systematic digital data collection removes sources of error from unauthorised tests and manual assessments. This means that the data collected can be used both in clinical work, in quality improvement work, and in research contexts.

The scoring results and structured data can be transferred to the journal system and research data can be transferred to analysis tools. Quality data can be transferred continuously to local and national quality registers.


We provide continuous access to new surveys, and our ambition is to offer all tests and measuring instruments that are needed. Our customers can create their own tests and forms. Health apps that customers want to obtain information from can be integrated into CheckWare.

Smart health - simply.

All assessments in one single solution

CheckWare conducts a comprehensive process in order to obtain formal permissions and to manage all digital assessments made available in the solution. If you need other standardised assessments, we can assist in acquiring permissions.