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Child and Adult Mental Health Services

Child and Adult Mental Health Services

CheckWare understands the operational and clinical challenges  Child and Adult Mental Health Services have to assess and treat young people with emotional, behavioural or mental health difficulties. 

Child and Adult Mental Health Services

Revitalising Child and Adult Mental Health Services with Innovative Solutions

In a landscape where mental health challenges are ever-growing, our state-of-the-art software platform addresses the core issues faced by Child and Adult Mental Health Services in Healthcare:

Boosting capacity and access

Addressing the demand-capacity imbalance, our technology empowers mental health professionals with the tools and resources necessary to meet growing needs online or in person. Design and implement digital care with bespoke or standardised treatment plans whilst using integrated copyrighted clinical content. Proactively address and flag potential mental health escalations and ensure rapid access to effective mental health support for all your patients.

Seamless integration

We prioritise the integration of various therapeutic areas and can connect directly to your EPR, ensuring a holistic and integrated approach to mental health care across different clinical services and care settings.
 Detailed reporting within integrated workflows streamline your service delivery, significantly cutting down the wait times for patients.

Ensuring continuity of care

We facilitate smooth transitions and collaborative care between various mental health care facets, from primary care to specialised teams, ensuring a seamless care journey for each patient. Dashboards and real time access to patient level data keep all of your care teams connected and up to date with the current information at a detailed level.

Championing equity

Our platform is designed to ensure that mental health services are equally accessible to individuals from all socioeconomic backgrounds, tackling social and cultural barriers.


At CheckWare we are more than just a technology provider; we are your trusted and reliable partner in transforming the landscape of mental health services in the NHS, supporting you to ensure every individual receives the care they deserve whilst staying safe and ensuring their personal data is secure.

Copyrighted clinical assessment tools and outcome measures commonly used:



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