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One solution for all your clinical needs

One solution for all your clinical needs

CheckWare supports functionality and scalability for clinical care programs in all of your diagnostic and therapeutic areas. From a simple pre-op form to a content rich online digital treatment program for mental health, a wide variety of care can be digitised for rapid delivery to meet resourcing and access challenges head on.

You have the flexibility to use the platform features to fit your needs, mix and match functionality to tailor your clinical services to your requirements or use existing service templates created in the solution. 

One solution for all your clinical needs

CheckWare's goal in designing an intuitive and easy to use systems is to ensure you are able to utilise the platform widely across your teams, also managing your own access to general system configuration and service management.

System Management Tools

Increase the response rate through digital patient participation with our powerful and configurable Patient Tools.

Patient Tools

Collect data for clinical decision support, service performance and aggregated performance hospital wide. A library of over 1300 clinical assessment tools and outcome measures for all your needs.

Clinician Tools

When using CheckWare's self-service designer tools, you can either utilise existing digital services (numbering 250+) and content, or create digital services and content yourself.

Design Tools
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