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System Management Tools

System Management Tools

CheckWare's goal in designing an intuitive and easy to use systems is to ensure you are able to utilise the platform widely across your teams, also managing your own access to general system configuration and service management.

System Management Tools

In addition to tools typically used for administration of patients and treatments, there are several tools needed to configure and monitor the system to meet your requirements.

The solution's main focus for health care providers using the platform, is that is should be easy to use and able to self-administered. This also applies to general system configuration.

Access control

There are strict requirements for access to data in health solutions, and CheckWare offers a flexible model for roles and access control on a functional level. In this way one can restrict which respondents clinician should have access to, and which functions should be available. There is no limit to the number of access roles that can be defined.


Authentication and methods

CheckWare supports authentication on all security levels, but we recommend using security level 4 and national ID providers to establish Single Sign-On where possible. The solution has a configurable authentication component, supporting industry standards for authentication, like SAML2, OIDC etc


Clinical assessment tools and outcome measures library

CheckWare has distribution rights to over 1300 updated and quality assured psychometric tests, PROMs, PREMs, assessment tools and interview forms, used in all parts of the health sector. We ensure that we provide authorised and quality assured versions of all the tests we offer. The tests are used within mental health, substance abuse treatment, chronic disorders, dementia, complex disorders and lifestyle diseases. Pain tests, quality of life measures, PROM and PREM are also used in for example pain management, surgery, orthopedics and cancer. By using the Assessment library, the health care provider can select which assessments they want to provide for their own clinicians. Normally they want to offer a selection of the assessments in the library. 

We give continuous access to new tests and possibly new versions of the tests. These are accessed via the Assessment library. Customers can develop their own assessments/measures and make these also available to other customers if desired.


Clinician administration

System administrators with sufficient access can manage user accounts for clinicians in the solution. CheckWare supports adding extra properties on clinicians if needed.


System settings

System settings give the option to set global settings for the installation, for example; for properties and groups for clinicians and patients, setup of contexts (points of time in the treatment), defining treatment roles and role sets, treatment types and language.


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