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Patient Tools

Patient Tools

Increase the response rate through digital patient participation with our powerful and configurable Patient Tools.

Patient Tools

Digital Patient Participation

Our powerful Patient Tools make it easy for patients and carers to be involved in their own treatment. With our bring your own device approach, the platform is widely used by patients reporting from their home or elsewhere, giving valuable information back to the health service provider before, during and after treatment.


If there is a need to obtain consent in connection with using digital healthcare services, clinicians can use the digital consent management module in the solution. Patients receive consent requests directly in the solution and at all times have a full overview of which consents they have given, also having the opportunity to withdraw a consent in line with requirements for consent solutions.


Goals and activities

With this tool, the patient and healthcare personnel can share an agreed, and always up-to-date, goal and activity overview. Progress displays can help motivate patients to perform activities.


Personal diary

Patients can use this tool to keep a digital and secure diary as part of the digital health service. Along with the diary notes, the patient can also indicate the level of mood. The contents of the diary are not shared with healthcare personnel.


Respondent insight

If desired, separate dashboards can be defined for the patients as part of the digital health service. This gives the patients a good overview of ongoing activities and the status of their own health. The overview is adapted to each individual digital health service so that only relevant data is displayed.


Secure chat

Through the solution, patients and relatives can safely and securely communicate with healthcare personnel via messages in the solution. It is possible to add attachments if you want to exchange files securely.

Respondents can also receive attachments from healthcare professionals via secure messages.


Supplemental respondent registration

This module makes it possible for people other than the primary respondent to register data about their own or the primary respondent's health in a treatment. This is a module used in connection with digital health services where, for example; children and young people are involved. The young person and relatives, as well as close carers and education providers, such as teachers, contribute data to the treatment. Correspondingly, this module can be used by relatives in other situations that require the same functionality


Treatment adapted content

Via this tool, patients and relatives will have access to treatment-specific content to learn about and manage their own situation. This can be in the form of course material, information brochures, etc.


Treatment programs

If you want to offer treatment-adapted content in the form of a sequential set of content modules with a customised responsive user interface, you can use a treatment program. This feature gives patients and relatives a tailored user experience of the treatment-adapted content. This module is used for example to offer co-selection tools and clinician-supported treatment programs.


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