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Eating disorders

Eating disorders

Transform your Eating Disorder Services with Digital Care Solutions integrating all outcome measures needed whilst automating the collection of data through digital patient participation. 

Eating disorders

Our digital platform addresses the critical challenges in eating disorder services through integrated and innovative approaches:

Comprehensive treatment and care continuity

Configurable for the multifaceted nature of eating disorders, our system simplifies the management of complex treatments, including connected care to coexisting conditions. CheckWare supports seamless transitions between different clinical services and care levels, maintaining continuous and comprehensive care. Data can be shared securely across role specific scenarios keeping clinicians connected to the current latest steps in care plans.

EDE-Q, BPDS, GBO, HoNOS, CIA, GAD-7, CORE-OM, SCS-LF and FCS are some of the measures used in eating disorders services included in our library consisting of over 1300+ copyrighted clinical measures and assessment tools.

Early intervention and sustained support

The platform's early detection and flagging capabilities ensure timely treatment, while robust aftercare resources aid in relapse prevention and long-term recovery.

Remote health and data-driven improvement

Inclusive remote features and feedback mechanisms provide high-quality digital care and continuous service improvement based on data analytics and user input.
Patient and clinician interactions can take place through secure chat and current care program results can be displayed in detailed Clinical and operational insight dashboards.

Stigma reduction and educational outreach

Educational content can be customised using the content designer module and can be aimed at public and professional audiences, the platform can use education to combat stigma and promotes a deeper understanding of eating disorders. The patient portal allows easy access and patient interaction in a simple way and can feed outputs to clinical reports including scoring of tools and questionnaires .

Efficient resourcing and team management

By designing and streamlining and scheduling digital treatment plans, the platform supports the reduction of heavy administrative time and staff burnout using paper-based systems. This approach optimises both resources and staff efficiency, ensuring critical care is delivered quickly and effectively without depending on delayed scoring and collation of reporting.

Cost minimisation and scalability

Our cost-effective digital solutions optimise financial resources while adapting to increasing patient flow. Copyrighted clinical content maintains high care standards and can be implemented without straining existing systems.
CheckWare is a reliable, scalable, flexible and secure solution for delivering eating disorder care, but can be used across any medical discipline.

This holistic digital approach empowers NHS services to deliver more effective, efficient, and empathetic care in the realm of eating disorders.

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